Welcome to Sims Connexions! My name is Donna Sims Conner and I am undertaking a one-name study of the Sims surname and its variants. A one-name study is a project researching all occurrences of a surname, and is not restricted to particular families or locations.  I am attempting to learn as much as possible about individuals with the Sims surname and use this information to compile family trees. This website provides researchers with transcriptions, abstracts, charts and photographs from various sources including personal collections, books, newspapers and databases. Sims Connexions is in its infancy and is currently limited to Australia, England and the United States.

This surname has a wide variety of spellings including Sims, Simms, Symmes and Symes.  It originated in medieval England but is recorded in both Scotland and Ireland.  It is a derivative of the given name “Simme” which initially was a Hebrew name “Shimeon” meaning “he who hears”.  This baptismal name developed into a surname as a result of the Crusades.  It was one of several Biblical names knights brought back from the Holy Land in the 12th century.  These warriors gave their subsequent children Biblical names in honor of the Crusades.  This practice spread quickly through Europe and eventually these new given names evolved into surnames.  Over time, the surname continued to change leading to many variants of the original spelling.

There are currently approximately 173,091 people in the world with the Sims surname.  It is most prevalent in the United States but has the highest density in Wales.  The American state with the largest surname distribution in 1880 was Georgia.  Between 1841 and 1911 the highest surname concentrations in England and Wales were in the counties of London and Hampshire.  In 1841, the majority of people with this name in England and Wales were employed in the agriculture industry.

Donna Sims Conner

I am connected to the Sims family through my paternal line. I became interested in genealogy after hearing stories about my great grandfather, Charles Gipson Sims. He was a farmer living in North Carolina during the Great Depression. Overwhelming debt and poor health led to his suicide in 1932. As I continue my research, I will post updates to the website. Thanks for visiting!

Charles Gipson Sims

I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices. I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their story.

Author unknown